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We strive to have a close personal collaboration with our clients to tailor to their needs so they end up with something that vibrates with their vision, and feels close to home. You can think of illustrations for your website, a logo for your business, drawings for your community or just some cool images for personal use.
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About Us

Illustrations made personal

Let’s keep it short and brief. If you love art, the process of creating, slick designs, or cool images, you’ll feel right at home. I started Subcinctus to create, and get a space for people to contact me for commissions, have creative talks and keep them updated on the progress I’m making

I’m a fanatic traveler, and come up with various cool ideas to draw along those adventures. Besides traveling and the obvious drawing I like to watch MotoGP, I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and play video games from time to time.

Yep, that is me. Here I am in South East Asia.

Can you guess where?

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Personal Contact

During the process of designing it is desired to have short lines of communication. To make sure that you end up with what you want, but there is still room for the desired creative freedom.

Clear Workflow

Knowing what you’ll get upfront in terms of concepts, iterations, and final work.

Vector Images

Vector images are created by connecting mathematical points with lines and curves. This property enables a vector images to be manipulated and scaled easily as they don’t lose quality when scaled.

It is usually easy to render vector data and save it to a bitmap format file with good results.

Most of the time, the size of the data is relatively small. Unless the images become more complex.
This is where vector images get their drawback. They aren’t suitable for very intricate designs.

These images are useful for logo’s, graphic designs but also animations.

Bitmap Images

Drawings are made as a bitmap image. A bitmap is an image which is made up of tiny squares of colour. When these squares are tiny enough and arranged properly they produce the effect of a photo.

Bitmap images can create ‘continuous tones’, where vector images you cannot.

The major drawback is that these images are memory intensive. They especially take up a lot of storage if the images are large.

These images are useful for drawings and painting style images.

Coming Soon!

Check it out soon!

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